Links of the week - February 2, 2020 Edition

Some interesting reading I found during the week of 03/02/2020…

  • Politics–>Brexit–> James Ball on Media Coverage

    Some smart commentary on media coverage (and non-coverage) in the British press during the Brexit saga.

  • Politics–> Why Is Everybody So Damn Angry?

    I’ve come across a book called The Revolt of the Public by a former CIA analyst named Martin Gurri. Martin was an early recogniser of how and in what ways the avalanche of data created by the digital revolution would start to affect polities around the world. This podcast is an interview with the author.

  • Tech–>AI–>Chatbots–> Towards a Conversational Agent that Can Chat About…Anything

    …from Google of course.

  • Tech–>AI–>Drones–> The Navy’s Surprise Unmanned Fighter Is a Glimpse of War’s Near Future

    Continuing automation and weaponsiation of technology and quite a clever approach from the U.S. Navy. Meets a specific mission (use case) with a (relatively) low-fi way to defeat defenses (using unjammable short range communications).

  • Tech–>Ben Evans–>State of the industry–> Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

    Always outstanding work from Ben Evans. Smart commentary and analysis of the current state of the digital industry. As always, eye popping numbers. Both the slides and the presentation are worth your time if you work in the industry in any capacity.

  • Tech–>Games–> Revealed: The largest video game development cities in the UK

    My brother in law just started for a Danish casual mobile gaming with an office in Derby of all places. So I was interested to find that Derby isn’t even in the top 20 cities for gaming companies in the UK.

  • Life–>Clay Christensen–> How Will You Measure Your Life?

    Clay Christensen is well known as the author of The Innovators Dilemma alongside many accolades and achievements in his life. He passed away recently. I came across this article written by Clay that was posted by an old uni buddy of mine’s LinkedIn page who had been in one of Clay’s classes. Reading this article just lets you see the man’s character absolutely shine through the words. R.I.P.

see you soon!