Surfing Route 3 Wave on the Black River

When my Dad moved house several years back, he gave me a couple of old VHS tapes of mine that had been stored in the basement. I finally took the time to watch them (it’s not easy finding VHS players these days!) and found this old clip of me ripping it up on Route 3 wave on the Black River in Watertown, NY.

I spent about 18 months living in Old Forge, NY in the late ’90s working for Whitewater Challengers as assistant manager of one the bases. We spent lots of afternoons out on the Black, both on the Route 3 wave and Hole Brothers. Seeing this old clip brings me back (sigh). A big shout out to Bone wherever you are.

Sorry for the poor quality of the video but it is a 20+ year old VHS tape that I filmed with my phone.