Meet my Anet A8 DIY 3D Printer

Didn’t curate a list of good links this week so posting about my 3D printing side project. Here’s a bit of information about my Anet A8 3D printer. If you’ve never heard of the Anet A8, its a cheap but capable 3D printer you can buy from sites like GearBest. I was given one intact but non-functioning by a guy from work. Trying to get it to work has meant lots of time on youtube, stackoverflow and reddit. It’s a bit maddening really.

There is one interesting non-Anet A8 link I’d like to share that concerns the use of 3D game engines in animating video for TV and movies. If you’ve seen the series The Mandalorian, you might not be aware that most of what you are seeing was developed and rendered by the same game engine that Fortnite uses. This method for creating video is going to become huge. ILM reveals how it used Unreal Engine for ‘The Mandalorian’

Here’s some information about the Anet A8 that I’ve found useful as I’m working on getting mine up and running. If you’re learning about or trying to set up and configure an Anet A8, these might help.

Once it’s working, I’ll do a proper post with some prints but here she is in the meantime.

The Anet A8 in my shop